Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sorry.......... I am awful!

I started this blog off with such good intentions. And then kinda scared myself a bit...... found that I was sharing a lot of my history and background and experience but worrying about how heavily to censor and edit it..... It's a tough choice really as I am in no way ashamed of bdsm or my submission or anything I have done in my life. In fact one of the reasons that I wanted to blog so much was that I wanted to help demystify it and share from a female sub perspective what can be beautiful about bdsm. So many people think its "wrong", "perverted", a "fetish of wierdos". It's not. And I want to say it's not.

And I want to share this message as widely as I can. Therefore I have published the link to this blog on my facebook page. And that's probably what scared me. A lot of my friends know about my kinks and open views on sex. Hell most of them do. But most are real world friends with limited personal experience of bdsm. And in my life my experiences have been intense. So I was worried about sharing them too widely and freaking people out.

Silly I know. I am what I am. So I am back. But I have made a compromise about my blog. I love discussing my life's experiences to date with friends and anyone who is interested. But i will probably keep those conversations for over a bottle of wine, on email, or on msn. I won't broadcast here some of the more depraved things I have done in the past. I am going to start afresh. And talk about my life now. What I am doing. What I enjoy. How submission affects my every day life. From the simple little things. To those complex decisions which i wrestle with. Does that make sense?

Please let me know. I really want to know what you think. And if you like my blog. Please spread the word...... I would love more followers!!

With love,

H x


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