Monday, 10 May 2010

The Dice Game Begins again!!

Well this last week has seen me return to my youth. My first ever experience of bondage and submission in it's truest sense was when i submitted to chance and the roll of 4 plastic cubes... And as you may have seen from my latest blog I have decided to give that a go again!!

So I thought it was only fair that I gave you an update on what I rolled and what happened ;-) the outcome of my first roll was:
Dice 1: 5 (only underwear)
Dice 2: 5 (park / wood)
Dice 3: 1 (cuffed behind back)
Dice 4: 2 (25 minutes)

Challenging but not terrifying i went out and did this on my way to work on Thursday eve last week... From the pokey little bedsit where I live its about a 20 minute walk to work so i set off an hour and a quarter early and diverted via Greenwich Park...... Down to the side of the observatory there is a lovely little wooded area where I often go to walk, nice and discreet but not in the middle of no where!!

I arrived there just after 7pm, removed my skirt and blouse to leave just the lacey black M&S underwear I had one.... In case I needed to make a quick escape I folder my clothes and placed them in my bag... By now my heart was racing, I dont know why because in my life I have done several much more daring and scary things, but there was something different in this. I was on my own. It was my choice to do this. In effect I was doing it to myself. There was no big strong man there if i was spotted. So in a way it was worse.... If I had been with a guy at least it could look like a silly sex game. But there i was on my tod.....

But there was no hesitation - I set my alarm for 25 minutes, quickly cuffed myself behind my back in my favourite pair of metal clejuso cuffs and stood there proudly... Was all rather eventful for the first 10 mins or so until I heard a dog barking... In the distance between the trees i did see a man walking it, so for the next 5 minutes anyone behind me would have seen teh rather odd sight of a 30 something supposedly mature woman shuffling behind a tree to keep out of sight. A rather odd game of hide and seek....

So, dice game one accomplished. It would be terribly cliche ridden to describe the state of my knickers. So I won't! But I will tell you that that night I was so darned horny at work that after my shift finished I had the longest best night of shagging I have had in the last 9 months since I became single!!

God. I am am awful writer. Sorry. Just reread that and it's so dull!! Any ideas on what I can do to improve it? Please help me!! English lit was my worst subject at school by far.........

So there we go. The dice game is now part of my life again. And a very kind follower of my blog has helped refine it further to the final version I have listed below. And I dont want any of you to think I cheat so I will ask this very kind follower to randonly generate 5 new dice numbers as a roll to challenge me today and post the results, and resultant challenge, as a comment on this blog!!

Dice 1 - What to wear
1) Jeans & Jumper
2) Bare Feet
3) Just a dress
4) Corset and Heels
5) Only Underwear
6) Totally Nude

Dice 2 - Where to be
1) On Public Transport
2) In the Pub where you work
3) In a Shop Changing Room.
4) At the Gymn / Swimming Pool
5) In a Public Park / wood
6) At a Friends house

Dice 3 - Bondage / Position Part A
1) Hands Cuffed Behind Back.
2) Hands Cuffed to an immovable object.
3) Hands Cuffed between Legs
4) Hands Cuffed between Legs
5) Cuffed to another person
6) Wearing Rope Web / Harness (Must be worn visably)

Dice 4 - Bondage / Position Part B
1) Ankles Cuffed / Tied together
2) Ankles in Spreader Bar
3) Standing in corner facing wall
4) On Floor in fetal position.
5) Lying down
6) Kneeling

Dice 5 - How long to stay like that for
1) 10 mins
2) 25 Mins
3) 45 Mins
4) 1.5 Hours
5) 3 Hours
6) 6 Hours

Much love
H x


  1. Here we go then!

    Todays challenge will be :

    2) Bare Feet.
    4) At the Gymn / Swimming Pool
    6) Wearing Rope Web / Harness. (Must be worn visably)
    4) On Floor in fetal position.
    5) 3 Hours.

    I look forward to hearing how this one goes!

    Have Fun Harriet!

  2. Help me interpret this ;-)
    I am meant to stay in the detal position on the floor for 3 hours with visible ropes?
    That could be quite a challenge... Help ;-) !?
    H x

  3. Um, Yeah. Though if said Gymn or Pool has Changing cubicles, You might be alright...

    I guess otherwise, We could remove the (visable) aspect for this one...

    And Maybe if you just stay on the floor predominantly in the fetal possition...

    It's up to you really. You are the one who has to deside if you are Obeying the Dice!

  4. Ok... I am obeying the dice! I assume if I choose to "trade up" on any part of the challenge I am allowed to ;-) x

  5. I guess that trading Up would be allowed. Though we may want to adjust the order of some of them so they are really trading up!

    Or you could reinstate the Re-Roll idea, and add a consequence...

  6. I will go for it!! Trading up I was going to suggest nude in changing cubicle and cuffs instead of rope as it's hard to tape oneself - is that a deal for my dare!!?

  7. I guess Nude IS more sensible at a swimming pool!
    I will except cuffs this time (As I know you love then so much). But you should ask Ariel for some instructions on self tying rope webs, As I have seen her do it with ease!

    Look forward to hearing all about it!

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