Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mourning photos lost, welcoming new ones!

As a slave for so many years of my life I have lost count of the number of photos taken of me by previous owners, must be more than 10,000 and probably closer to 100,000! How the world has changed!! When I was in my teens I started modelling, and a major factor in the work of a good model was her "good click" rate - how many photos out of ten were good - eyes bright, mouth right, hair perfect. These days in the world of digital camera you dont worry about the cost of film so shoot thousands and you will get some beauts.... It makes it a very different world - and opens up modelling to so many more women. Great for guys and readers of mags like FHM, Zoo and Nuts but bad for old models like me!

Its tought enough getting work without your skills and experience meaning nothing when any 20 something can plop in front of a camera, take 1000 shots and then be made to look perfect in photo shop! God I am waffling. Didnt mean to talk about any of that. I should get off my high horse!!

Why I started was one of my big regrets. Over the years had some many shots of me taken in bondage in so many different forms. Wish i had copies of them to remind myself of my life. Most people have photos of them on a beach. Outside a museum. At a party. Mine would be different but I have lost that history of my life. Cant look back at the photos of me suspended from my ankles in the barn. Or the ones of me servicing 4 cocks at once. Or when i lived with a Master who had 3 other slaves and he arranged a "bondage olympics"! I often wonder where those photos are... My last Master had a hard drive with tens of thousands on it... I guess it either hit the bin when he died or fell into the hands of someone who probably just formatted it. What a waste!

But anyway - at last I have some new bondage photos courtesy of my boss! And am sharing on on my blog here with you.... Not as young firm lithe or flexible as I used to be.... What what do you think!?