Sunday, 30 May 2010

I am so sorry!!

The beauty of blogs is that they are meant to be regular updates... So I must apologies for this one remaining so static! Before you threaten to spank me ;-) I must offer up my reasons - my old decrepid laptop appears to be going to laptop heaven as the screen decided to stop working along with one row of the keys.... A very kind man from the pub is going to try and get me a new screen but I have just got it back for a day or two.....

So it's not really a laptop at the moment! He has lent me a small screen and a keyboard which are both plugged into my laptop.... He has said I dont need to pay him for the work, just the parts which is kind, and vindicates my dress sense at work and voracious flirting!! If I am being kind in return who knows, I may offer him a blow job ;-)

Actually that wouldnt be too much of a chore and I think is actually one of the reasons I know I am truly submissive by nature... A question someone asked me on formspring and a chat I had with another barmaid that I work with has made me think about this a little more... I think that blowjobs probably are a great test of submissive tendencies ;-)

On formspring I was asked what I would think of a world where saying thankyou with a blowjob was the norm... And my colleague (I will call her Rachel here) and i were talking about sex when she asked me "Sara, do you think it's weird, but I really really enjoy going down on a guy".....

I do love giving blow jobs for a few reasons I think. First and foremost is that one of the world's most satisfying things is kneeling on front of a man, taking his cock deep in your mouth, sucking, and looking up to see the most satisfied smile on his face. Its such a simple act but gives such immense pleasure and its really pleasing to know that I can be responsible for that. I love it and have ever since I was quite young. It really surprised my first boyfriend, dont think he had ever had a gf so eager for cock, but i used to try to suck it several times a day - sometimes he just had to say "enough!!". Secondly i actually, no lie, love the taste! And finally, and this is the one that scares me a little as it conflicts with every other inclination I have, its a feeling of power. For a short while with lips locked around the shaft and my tongue flicking over the head I have power and control... A feeling I am not very used to!

It's something I have discussed a few times with Rachel and she thinks of it in a similar way to me, so I plan to ask her today her thoughts on submission a little more.... Maybe I have found a kindred spirit!

Anyway. I have to go to work in just a moment. With any luck I may get to suck some cock in the cellar before my shift starts!!

I am away next week, going on a training course the brewery is running and the landlord has asked me to accompany him on ;-) so my first "holiday" for ages! Hence I wont be online, sorry, but promise to blog more often when I am home... Have a couple of great dice games to update you on - including lying cuffed and naked in a swimming pool changing room for several hours... thankfully in a locked cubicle so I didnt get into too much trouble ;-)

Much love



  1. Have added your blog URL to my bloglist at MarQe's Study. It would be lovely if you dropped by and said, "Thank You, Sir!" ;)

    MarQe x

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