Friday, 26 March 2010

My first blog.....

I guess I should start by telling people a little about me! But, well, seeing as I am not sure if anyone will even read this blog I think I will start with a short one... And what better place to start, than by introducing myself!

Key Facts:
Name: "Harriet R"
Age: 37 (dob 01/11/72)
Hair: Brunette, shoulder length
Eye: Dark brown
Dress: 8 (UK)
Shoes: 5 (UK)
Stats: 34C - 25 - 33
Born: York England
School: The Mount, York
Quals: 6 GCSEs A-C

As i said, my name is Harriet, that's not my real name, but for now it will do....
Simply put, I am a slave by nature and by nuture. I have come to accept that as fact, and to not be ashamed of it. If you have come here it is because we are friends, acquaintances or you are simply interested in learning more about me.

I don't want to bore you, but am guessing that some may be interested in my life, experiences, and how I came to be where I am today. I will start with a belief that is not very acceptable these days but which, nonetheless, I hold to be true. Women are physically, mentally, and psychologically inferior to men and are designed to be that way.

I honestly believe we are on this planet to be submissive to men and can only truly be free and indeed happy in life if we give into that understanding....
But I do also believe there is nothing wrong with modern society as some do, some who would see all advances thrown away for a return to the dark ages. Submission is something I believe a woman is born with. Its nature.

But nurture does play an important part, and many women, as a result of this, never truly understand their submissive side due to the societal influences that shape their youth. And many of them are happy like this. I could not be.

I was different from my youth. But I never really understood that until my 20s. My nature of course is submissive. My nurture also exposed that and brought it to the fore.... If anyone is interested, I may tell you some more about that....


  1. Fascinating post, very much look forward to hearing more about your experiences and adventures. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Welcome to the blogsphere! Lovely to hear from you on the RE forum, hope you will drop by there from time to time as well. And of course, if you ever fancy stepping in front of the camera and joining the ranks of RE slavegirls... just drop me a line, especially as you're local!

  3. Hello there both! And thanks so much for coming here and for posting... Its hard to get going here i guess, even harder when you dont know if anyone is reading!! Please let me know hoenstly what you think of my blogs and I will do my best ;-)

    And Hywel, bless you!!! But fear I am a little to old and wrinkly to join the lovely ladies of RE!! I will certainly make my way to your forum regularly.....

    H x

  4. ... there's always photoshop ...


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